Sensor Sweep Applet (0.20.0)

This applet does NOT work with GNOME versions 2.x or greater. You can find out what version of GNOME you are running by right clicking on the panel and then clicking on "About GNOME".

Description: Sensor Sweep Applet is a GNOME panel applet that allows you to monitor your systems health through the lm_sensors kernel modules. Sensor Sweep is extremely configurable allowing you to specify exactly which sensors you wish to monitor.

- GNOME (Requires GNOME Core 1.2.3+)
- lm_sensors (Tested on lm_sensors 2.4.5)

Screen Shots:

Change Log:


- sensor_sweep_applet-0.20.0.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.3+
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.19.5.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.3+
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.19.4.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.3+
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.19.3.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.x
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.19.2.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.x
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.19.1.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.x
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.17.0.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.x
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.15.9.tar.gz - Requires GNOME Core 1.2.x
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.11.1.tar.gz
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.11.0.tar.gz
- sensor_sweep_applet-0.10.4.tar.gz