Linux QoS Library Sharp (LQL-Sharp)

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LQL-Sharp provides a Mono (C#) binding to the Linux QoS Library (LQL).

The current release of LQL-Sharp has been built and tested with Mono 1.0.x.

The source releases can build Monodoc documentation. At the present time the Monodoc docs consist of method and type signatures only. As LQL-Sharp is a direct binding to LQL the methods and types are very similiar to LQL. The combination of the Monodoc documentation to identify C# signatures and the LQL documentation should provide sufficient documentation.


Supported QoS features
All QoS elements that are supported by the LQL library can be used from LQL-Sharp.

Most of the work on LQL-Sharp will consist of keeping it up to date with future LQL releases.


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Dan Siemon <>