Firefox Tracking Protection

So here’s something new I learned today… Firefox has a tracking protection mode.

For those not aware, many (most?) websites include tracking Javascript which provides third parties and the website owner with information about you. It’s not all evil but it does invade your privacy.

Tracking Protection for Firefox at Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2015

With tracking protection enabled Firefox will block known trackers and has the nice side effect of providing a major browsing speed up.

For a while I’ve configured Firefox to disable third-party cookies. I think it’s time to add enabling tracking protection to my list of new installation steps.

It’s important for the web that no single browser ever gets to the dominance that IE once had. Firefox dethroned IE but now Chrome is becoming dominant. It’s doubtful Chrome would ever implement privacy protecting feature like this – it hurts Google’s primary advertising business too much. If you care about the web and your privacy, consider using Firefox. A healthy number of Firefox users keeps the rest of the web browsers honest.

Hydro One Sale, Accidentally Good?

The Ontario government plans to sell off 60% of the publicly owned Hydro One. As a general principle I believe critical infrastructure belongs in the hands of the public. So my first reaction to this announcement was negative.

Then the Tesla home battery announcement happened.

The ability to cheaply store energy makes distributed power generation possible. This is a great thing for technologies like wind and solar and could make it possible for homes to greatly reduce their reliance on the centralized power grid.  The link below makes the case that the economics of Tesla’s new batteries are pretty good and bound to get better.

Is it possible that we are near or at the peak value of our centralized power generation infrastructure? If so, selling high and getting it off the province’s books now may turn out to be a good thing.

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