Name: Dan Siemon

Networking geek, product manager, software developer and start-up founder.

I’m co-founder and CPO of Aterlo Networks.

I have a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. My undergraduate degree in Computer Science is also from UWO.

Before starting university I was a network administrator at Mornington Communications Co-Op Ltd (and Cyg.Net). This position involved everything from the design and maintenance of the core network to top-tier technical support. I maintained this position in a part time capacity throughout my university career.

Prior to working for Mornington, I owned and operated a small ISP in Stratford, ON, CA. At the beginning, I did everything except the accounting. This included network design and provisioning, customer technical support and sales. Later we added staff to help reduce the customer support work so I could focus on the technical stuff and sales. I joined Mornington Communications after selling my company to them.

Before the business was high school.

Finally, you may wonder why coverfire.com? Way back when I first started using the Internet I chose Coverfire as my nickname for gaming and other online activities. Eventually, I registered coverfire.com.  I don’t play games much these days so it is just nostalgia that keeps me using this domain.