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A couple weeks with the Nexus 6p

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, I switched to a Nexus 6p from a Samsung S6 mostly because the lack of software updates was frustrating.

Here are a few random thoughts on the Nexus 6p now that I’ve used it for a couple weeks:

  • The hardware build quality is almost as good as the Galaxy S6. Certainly better than the Galaxy S4.
  • The screen is quite nice but the colors are a bit weird until you turn on the developer options and enable the sRGB mode. This really should be the default setting.
  • No un-installable carrier bloatware and Samsung apps is a big plus. Not being able to delete the Bell TV app or Microsoft OneDrive (because Samsung made a deal with them) was stupid and annoying. It also highlights how little respect Samsung has for the end user vs. trying to please the carriers.
  • The raw benchmarks on the Galaxy S6 beat the Nexus 6p but the 6p feels much faster during normal use. I don’t know the cause for certain but to whatever extent this is a result of TouchWiz, Samsung should just quit trying to do user facing software. They are horrible at it.

So far my experience is that the Nexus 6p is an upgrade from the Galaxy S6.