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  • Learning and Data Structures

    This is a fascinating idea. http://learningsys.org/nips17/assets/slides/dean-nips17.pdf

  • Random Algorithms


  • A new way to look at networking

    I finally got around to watching A new way to look at networking yesterday. This is a talk given by Van Jacobson at Google in 2006 (yes, it has been on my todo list for a long time).This is definitely worth watching if you are interested in networking. A couple of quick comments (These are…

  • Git for Computer Scientists

    If you are interested in how Git works internally take a look at Git for Computer Scientists. This document explains how Git stores data in a DAG and even has pretty pictures.

  • The Semicolon Wars

    Interesting programming language article. The Semicolon Wars from American Scientist. A catalog maintained by Bill Kinnersley of the University of Kansas lists about 2,500 programming languages. Another survey, compiled by Diarmuid Piggott, puts the total even higher, at more than 8,500. And keep in mind that whereas human languages have had millennia to evolve and…

  • Extra, Extra – Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken

    If you follow many software or computer science related blogs you may have already seen the article linked below. I’m going to link to it again anyway because everyone who is involved in software should read it. Extra, Extra – Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken The general lesson…

  • Operating system design

    The following article offers a nice introduction to some design techniques that may be used to create more reliable operating systems. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that microkernels long discarded as unacceptable because of their lower performance compared with monolithic kernels might be making a comeback due to their potentially higher reliability, which many…

  • Computer science growing into a basic science

    Computer science growing into a basic science The talks demonstrated that research in computer science is moving beyond the study of a set of computing machinery. Just as mathematics and physics have matured into fundamental sciences, computer science, too, is graduating into one.

  • The Perils of JavaSchools

    The Perils of JavaSchools, read it.

  • CASCON 2005

    Last Tuesday I attended CASCON 2005. CASCON is hosted by IBM’s Centers for Advanced Studies. I have been to many technology conferences in the past such as Internet World but this was the first academic conference I have attended. As such, I don’t have anything to compare CASCON against. The conference itself seemed to be…