Free software/copyright conference at UWO

On Monday April 9th and Tuesday April 10th Western Law is hosting a conference at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada called Knowledge Policy for the 21st Century. Speakers include: Richard Stallman founder of the Free Software Foundation. Stacie LeGrow from RedHat. Matt Norwood from the Software Freedom Law Center. Jason Schultz […]

The copyright loby (more of the same)

Just before the last federal election the world found out how cozy some federal politicians involved in copyright reform were with special interest groups. Despite the change of government, it appears little has changed. Oda and the Copyright Pledge CRIA’s Lobby Effort: The Untold Story Michael Geist deserves a lot of credit for not letting […]

RedHat summit videos

Red Hat has posted videos of the keynotes from the Red Hat summit in Nashville. So far, I have only watched two of the three videos. Both were excellent. Eben Moglen: Discusses the philosophical and political ideas behind free software. He argues that free software is about allowing individual creativity. If you don’t ‘get’ free […]