Tag: Programming

  • Go Best Practices

    https://peter.bourgon.org/go-best-practices-2016/ Lots of good stuff in there.

  • Go 1.7

    Today I rebuilt one of our micro-services using Go 1.7. 1.7’s new SSA compiler produces faster code but I was surprised to see this much improvement. This isn’t a perfect comparison – a couple of library dependencies got updated as well and Kubernetes may have put the containers on different machines in the cluster.  

  • Go 1.7 and SSA

    Go 1.7 is out. One of the big features is the new SSA based compiler. The article below describes some of the tooling around this new feature. Looking at your program’s structure in Go 1.7 The Go project does a great job of tooling.

  • Configurability is the root of all evil

    I’ve been using the Fish shell for a while now. Its auto-completion is so much better than Bash. You should try it. I was looking at the Fish docs this morning and stumbled across this little gem. Every configuration option in a program is a place where the program is too stupid to figure out…