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Go 1.7

Today I rebuilt one of our micro-services using Go 1.7.

1.7’s new SSA compiler produces faster code but I was surprised to see this much improvement. This isn’t a perfect comparison – a couple of library dependencies got updated as well and Kubernetes may have put the containers on different machines in the cluster.

Go 1.6 vs 1.7 on micro-service


Configurability is the root of all evil

I’ve been using the Fish shell for a while now. Its auto-completion is so much better than Bash. You should try it.

I was looking at the Fish docs this morning and stumbled across this little gem.

Every configuration option in a program is a place where the program is too stupid to figure out for itself what the user really wants, and should be considered a failure of both the program and the programmer who implemented it.

From the Fish Design Documentation.