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  • Canadian Federal Election 2019 – My Vote

    Warning, Canadian politics ahead. I generally try to avoid politics here but hopefully one or two posts per election isn’t too annoying. I’ve voted Conservative as many times as Liberal and I try not to be partisan. This time I will vote Liberal – perhaps with a bit less enthusiasm than last time. There are…

  • Dishonest or lazy?

    How can these be squared? Dishonest or just lazy? CPC – dishonesty (or at best actively misleading) isn’t going to get my vote back. Thanks to TAXES, Canadians are paying $20 more for a case of beer. Last year, Justin Trudeau brought in his beer tax, which will go up every year and further drive…

  • Canada Summer Jobs Controversy – Can we add some critical thinking?

    It’s sad I have to do this but I feel I need to preface the text below with an outline of my (lack of) political affiliation. I have voted in every provincial and federal election since I was 18. Sometimes my vote has gone to the Progressive Conservatives, or Conservatives and sometimes to the Liberals.…

  • Processing the U.S Election

    Like a lot of people, I’m still trying to process the U.S. presidential election results and understand what it means for the future. Writing this is part of that process. Before delving into the results and how they were achieved, I want to make it clear that I’m not a big fan of Hillary Clinton.…

  • Rick Mercer on the lawful access bill

    Calling this bill ‘Lawful Access’ is euphemistic marketing.

  • Who owns ideas?

    Recently CBC’s excellent Ideas program ran a documentary on copyright entitled Who own’s ideas?. The episode provides a really nice overview of the issues and even includes a bit of history which is too often ignored in this debate. Both a podcast and a direct MP3 download are available.

  • Free speech in Canada

    In The Inquisition In Canada my friend Bob outlines how Human Rights Commissions (HRCs) are being abused. Last week’s Cross Country Checkup episode titled “Are There Legitimate Limits to Free Expression?” also delves into the role of the HRCs as part of a larger discussion on free speech. You can find a nice introduction to…

  • The pressure for copyright reform in Canada

    No One Likes a Bully: The IIPA and Canada An interesting description of where some of the pressure relating to Canada’s copyright reform is coming from.

  • Silencing scientists at Environment Canada

    The current Federal government has decided that federally funded scientists at Environment Canada should not be allowed to speak with reporters directly. In the past reporters could freely contact Environment Canada scientists with science questions. Now all questions must now go through an information officer. The leaked reasons for this change are particularly worrisome. I…

  • Canadian podcasts

    Sometimes our government surprises me. The Government of Canada has created a list of Canadian podcasts.