Pinker on violence

Yesterday Andrew posted an entry about a TED presentation called A brief history of violence by Steven Pinker. Take a look at his post and watch the video. The video is only 20 minutes long. In short, the presentation offers data that refutes the idea that the human race was more peaceful in the past. […]

The right to attach

Hooking up by Tim Wu presents an idea on how to increase the competition around wireless (cellular) devices. The firms already control what phones or devices reach Americans; 95% of cell phones are sold by the wireless carriers themselves. They strictly control phone design, blocking features that might threaten their revenue, like timers that keep […]

A couple of books

I recently finished reading a couple of books which I think are worth pointing out to others. The first is The World Is Flat: A brief history of the twenty-first century by Thomas L. Friedman. At 571 pages this a relatively long book. The first two hundred and thirty pages explain what the author means […]

Starting at the top

Hello, Young Workers: One Way to Reach the Top Is to Start There Lost in the argument over whether young people today know how to work, however, is the mounting evidence produced by labor economists of just how important it is for current graduates to ignore the old-school advice of trying to get ahead by […]

Network neutrality: Where analogies fail

I find it interesting that so much of the discussion surrounding net neutrality centers around analogies to other aspects of the modern world. A lot of these analogies are related to the transportation of goods. Courier companies such as UPS and Fedex as well as the highway network in general are the most common examples. […]

Network neutrality: The cell network

From Newsforge, Today’s cell phone system argues for retaining network neutrality. Consider the closed, anti-innovation system that is the cell phone network. Do you want the Internet to be like that? Is that best solution for the rest of the economy and society in general? James Glass (not his real name) is the owner of […]