Go 1.7

Today I rebuilt one of our micro-services using Go 1.7. 1.7’s new SSA compiler produces faster code but I was surprised to see this much improvement. This isn’t a perfect comparison – a couple of library dependencies got updated as well and Kubernetes may have put the containers on different machines in the cluster.  

Prometheus and Kubernetes

At work we’ve started to instrument our micro-services with Prometheus. The combination of Prometheus and Grafana is pretty amazing. One of the nice things Prometheus does is auto-discovery of services in a Kubernetes cluster. The docs for this area aren’t bad but I couldn’t find a complete example so here’s the configuration we use.   […]

Python, Asyncio, Docker and Kubernetes

In the last while I’ve spent some time learning about Docker, Kubernetes and Google Container Engine. It’s a confusing world at first but there are enough tutorials to figure out it all out if you spend the time. While doing this I wanted to create a simple micro-service using Python 3.5’s Asyncio features. This seemed […]