Free software/copyright conference at UWO

On Monday April 9th and Tuesday April 10th Western Law is hosting a conference at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada called Knowledge Policy for the 21st Century. Speakers include: Richard Stallman founder of the Free Software Foundation. Stacie LeGrow from RedHat. Matt Norwood from the Software Freedom Law Center. Jason Schultz […]

Elephants Dream

Wow. Elephants Dream is a short movie that was created using only free software.  Even the models and textures produced for the movie have been made available.  It is being called the first open-source movie. I had no idea that animation of this quality was possible with open-source tools. There is even a full HD […]

RedHat summit videos

Red Hat has posted videos of the keynotes from the Red Hat summit in Nashville. So far, I have only watched two of the three videos. Both were excellent. Eben Moglen: Discusses the philosophical and political ideas behind free software. He argues that free software is about allowing individual creativity. If you don’t ‘get’ free […]