Redirects in Google search results ‘waste’ $1B per month

Lately I’ve started to notice how much time is wasted by web redirects. Most of these aren’t actually necessary but are added by various services to insert their servers into the link flow to track user behaviour. The most annoying example of this is Twitter’s service. Every time you post a link to Twitter […]

A Preview of HTML 5

A Preview of HTML 5 gives a quick overview of some of the new features being worked on as part of HTML5. Especially interesting is the fact that HTML5 is being developed based on the DOM representation not the syntax as was done with previous versions of the standard. Also, two serializations, HTML and xHTML […]

The Social Graph

I’ve been thinking about the social graph (though not by that name) for a little while now. It seems I am not the only one. My interest in this area comes from my dislike of walled gardens such as Facebook (which I have still been able to avoid joining despite the peer pressure). Here are […]

SVG demo

If you are running Firefox (no idea what other browsers this works with) take a moment to play around with photos.svg. This is a reimplementation of one of the Microsoft Silverlight demos using SVG and Javascript. It may be slightly slow but I think many people will be surprised that this level of interactivity can […]