Last night I finally finished reading Seveneves (Indigo, Amazon) by Neal Stephenson. I don’t know, or really want to know, how many pages this beast was (I bought the digital version) but it even though it was very compelling it still felt like it took a long time to read. I found myself staying up […]

Climate Wars

[Previous post on Climate Wars] For most people it is hard to get a sense of what climate change may mean to society and the world. So the world gets 2C hotter. The daily temperature fluctuates far more than this amount. What difference will 2C make? The warnings of sea level rise may have a […]

A few good books

Here are a few short reviews of some of the more interesting books I have read somewhat recently. Beyond the below I have also recently read Blink: The power of thinking without thinking and Here comes everybody. Both of these books are also worth reading. Hopefully I’ll get around to a couple quick reviews at […]