Last Thursday was convocation (graduation) day at UWO. This year convocation turned out to be quite a media event due to the presence of Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

London Free Press article
Article from UWO’s website
Text of Dr. Morgentaler’s speach

Dr. Morgentaler was speaking for the morning convocation ceremony so I did not get to hear his speech. The speaker for the afternoon ceremony was Dr. Bessie Borwein. The full text of her speech can be found here.

“Bachelor of Science – Honors Computer Science with distinction” is what the paper now hanging on my wall says. I also received the University of Western Ontario Gold medal for Honors Computer Science for having the highest average in the program.

I was not planning on attending convocation but I am now glad I did. Missing the ceremony would have probably been a source of regret later in life. It is strange to me how much I now value that piece of paper hanging on the wall.

I have put some pictures from the day in my photo gallery. No, there are no Morgentaler pictures there.

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