Lobbying Canadian MPs

Like a lot of Canadians, I would like to believe that somehow our elected officials are immune to being overly influenced by special interest groups.

Unfortunately, I now know of one example where this is not the case. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Ms. Bulte thinks this is acceptable behavior.






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  1. cobolhacker Avatar

    Believe it. I was reading this the other day and I am truthfully amazed. I’m not sure how they bought her, but they did.

    “… it is clear that Ms. Bulte remains closely aligned with those same rights holder organizations.”

    Deep down, Michael is still a lawyer, he doesn’t call her out plainly, but we all know what he means.

  2. […] Just before the last federal election the world found out how cozy some federal politicians involved in copyright reform were with special interest groups. Despite the change of government, it appears little has changed. […]

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