It’s particularly ironic that a few hours after I had posted my little rant on Police fund raising I discovered that the drivers side window had been smashed out of Karen’s car and the steering wheel ripped apart. Looks like some pretty stupid theives. It was around midnight when I noticed this. At ~05:00 I […]

Linux QoS API

My wrapper library for the Linux QoS system is coming along nicely. Here are the function calls necessary to add a filter that matches the destination field in the IP header. filt = classifier_u32_new(); classifier_u32_set_class(filt, class); classifier_u32_set_priority(filt, 5); classifier_u32_set_protocol(filt, IP); classifier_u32_set_interface(filt, 3); classifier_u32_add_match_ip_dst(filt, “x.x.x.x”); if (!qos_classifier_u32_add(con, filt)) { g_print(“Adding filter failed.n”); } I am now […]

Canadian Election

Well it looks like there will be a minority Liberal government in Canada this term. Considering the polls said the Conservatives might form a minority government the final numbers are pretty surprising. For anyone reading this outside of Canada the Liberals have held a strong majority in parliament for the last three terms. Ontario, Canada’s […]


Had a nice easy going Friday night. No homework or other work related things. First went to the London International Airfest. It was a great show. This is the first time I have gone to the Friday evening show. Though there were still a lot of people, it was no where near as busy as […]


Earlier tonight I stumbled upon Dogma on TV. One of my all time favorite movies. I’m sure traditionally religious people are appalled by this movie but the image of God presented at the end is the most powerful and positive I have ever seen.