Where standards belong in networking

I enjoy these wide ranging, deeply technical conversations. One particularly interesting tidbit occurs at 27:30 when they are discussing the need for a standardized inter-controller protocol/API. If you go to other software domains, they don’t have a need or want for standardization at this level. You’ll want to listen to the following few minutes to […]

Interesting Paper

COZ: Finding Code that Counts with Causal Profiling This paper is worth reading just for one neat idea. Everyone wants to make their code fast. If you had a magic wand that enabled you to ‘make function X’ faster then you could measure the impact on the performance of the system and you would know […]

AF_XDP and io_uring

io_uring is a new interface for asynchronous I/O to the Linux kernel. The LWN article and the io_uring design doc are both worth reading. I’ve been playing with AF_XDP a bit and after reading the io_uring doc it seemed like some of the io_uring ideas would be great enhancements to AF_XDP. Happily, one of the […]