Tag: Internet

  • The Twelve Networking Truths

    I stumbled on a great RFC today. It’s worth the short read. The Twelve Networking Truths

  • CSS

    If you want to see some pretty complex examples of CSS usage check this site out. None of these demos use images. Very cool.

  • Why images are bad links

    Website images that simply contain text make very bad links. An example of this can be found on the CBC‘s website. Notice the navigation elements on the left side of the page are images. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea. The most obvious reason is that these images do not adjust […]

  • Content syndication

    Ever have one of those moments where you think “Why didn’t I do this before?”. During my recent forray into the Weblog world I started to realize how useful the ability to syndicate content via RSS or Atom is. A great example of this is the ‘planet’ phenomenon started by Jeff Waugh in the Free […]

  • BloGTK

    It is very neat to be able to post to my Weblog without using a web browser. Check out BloGTK. The spell checking is a big bonus too. XML-RPC APIs like this may indeed be the future.

  • Network Distributed Computing

    I just finished reading a sample chapter of The Scope of Network Distributed Computing which I found at OSNews. I don’t want to get into the habit of posting links to articles that are linked from major news aggregation sites but this one is particularly good. This article does a great job of showing the […]

  • New CSS

    Well, I have spent way more time than I should have playing with the CSS to make this site look the way I want. Hopefully it works in IE too. If you want to see an amazing example of just how much CSS can change a website without any XHTML changes check this out.

  • CSS

    It’s odd. Having my life completely saturated with Internet technologies both in the ISP work and University I should have taken time to investigate CSS before now. Wow, this is pretty darn cool.