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  • Free (as in speech) hardware?

    Everyone has heard of free software. How about free hardware? Check out Ronja. Ronja is a free technology project of reliable optical data link with current range 1.4km and current communication speed 10Mbps full duplex. GPL licensed hardware designs. Awesome.

  • EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers

    EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

  • Vonage

    I have been meaning to experiment with VoIP service for a while now. So when the Vonage sales droids called me the other day offering a free month of service I thought I would give it a go. It only took a couple of days for the Motorola box to arrive. This box is basically…

  • When Open Standards Really Matter – The Katrina Factor

    When Open Standards Really Matter – The Katrina Factor from Groklaw.

  • I hate Flash too

    People often ask me why I hate Macromedia Flash so much. Here is a good explanation.

  • Google Talk server-to-server

    Google Talk will do server-to-server

  • Firefox web developer extension

    http://webdeveloper.mozdev.org/ Very useful Firefox extension. The ability to graphically display CSS information (id, class etc) makes CSS customization a lot quicker.

  • Google Talk

    I’m sure everyone who is interested has already heard about and probably even tried Google Talk. I really like the simple interface they have chosen; it is somewhat similar to my Jabber client of choice, Gossip. What is most interesting about Google Talk is the use of XMPP/Jabber. There has been much discussion on why…

  • A common archive format for web forums and email lists?

    Here’s a little wish list idea for someone with more time than I to work on. Since the idea came from the use of Usenet it is probably best to start with a short description of what exactly Usenet is. Usenet is a method for large groups of people to communicate about particular subjects. These…

  • Site search engines

    Has anyone else noticed how bad the search features of most websites are? When trying to find the two RCU links in my last blog entry I first attempted to find them using the search features on the Linux Journal website. None of the returned results were what I wanted. So after trying a few…