LQL Update

The first release of the Linux QoS Library (LQL) which was on August 31st has been well received. LQL 0.5.0 has been downloaded about 150 times. I have received a few very nice emails from people ecstatic about it, including one even before I had completed sending the release announcements. The first LQL patch arrived in my inbox yesterday; though I haven’t had time to look at it yet.

The resumption of classes has meant I have not had as much time to work on LQL as I would like. However, I have been making slow progress on some new features.

Currently, I am adding statistics support to the QDiscs. This new API will return all of the information in struct tc_stats. The current implementation of this requires a few new classes.

-+ LQLStats
----+ LQLStatsQDisc
------+ LQLStatsQDiscHTB
------+ LQLStatsQDiscSFQ
------+ etc

The LQLQDisc class is getting a new method called lql_qdisc_get_stats() which each subclass will override to return their own LQLStatsQDisc object that contains methods specialized for the specific QDisc. So the expected usage is something like the following.

LQLStatsQDiscHTB *statsHTB = NULL;
statsHTB = lql_qdisc_htb_get_stats(LQL_QDISC(htb));
g_print("Bytes: %i\n", lql_stats_get_enqueued_bytes(LQL_STATS(statsHTB)));
g_print("Packets: %i\n", lql_stats_get_enqueued_packets(LQL_STATS(statsHTB)));

Once the QDisc statistics features are done I will begin on the classes.

2 thoughts on “LQL Update

  1. Avijit Guchhait

    Respected Sir
    I’ll be very help full if you give me a simple example of using lql with the following params:
    qos name = sony
    priority -1
    how can i give this service to dst given follows please inform me as soon as possible.

    My main problem is that i can’t understand how to configure lql, please can u give me details information how will i configure lql.

    Thank You

  2. Dan Siemon

    I am not sure I understand exactly what you require. LQL is a library that is used from within C program. Have you built and installed LQL successfully?


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