LQL 0.6.0 released

I just finished a new release of LQL. This release contains the statistics support I have been working on. The basic statistics are available for each queueing discipline and class but I have not added the extended statistics that are specific to each qdisc/class type yet. Adding support for these statistics will just require modifying a single function in each type. I’m not sure when I will get this done as I don’t need this feature at the moment.


  • Add statistics support to all qdiscs and classes. See the get_stats.c example.
  • Add print() method to LQLQDisc and LQLClass so that it’s easy to see their settings.
  • Add printStats() method to LQLQDisc and LQLClass to output all statistics information.
  • Lots of small bug fixes.
  • Clean up and add new documentation.

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