The Collapse of Globalism

A few days ago I finally finished reading The Collapse of Globalism by John Ralston Saul. Unfortunately, I only had time to read it at the rate of about a chapter a day so I didn’t give the book as thorough of a reading at it really deserves.

Despite the somewhat sensational title I found this book to be much more balanced than I thought it would be. At several points Saul explains some of the good that has come with globalization but make no mistake, this book is about what has went wrong.

Saul believes that the ideas which drive globalism are based more on ideology than fact. This book does great service to society by tearing apart a simple ideology that will supposedly solve all of the world’s problems. Saul does not argue that all aspects of globalism are bad. He simply argues that one economic model cannot work in all situations. Pretty common sense when you think about it.

Here are couple of links to reviews of this book that are much better than mine.,,2102-1616368_1,00.html

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