The modernization of X

For those who don’t know, there is a lot of good work happening on X these days. Especially interesting is Xgl, AIGLX and the composite extension. Since Xgl and AIGLX are two different ways to bring GL-accelerated effects to the standard Linux desktop, there has been much arguing over which is the better approach.

NVidia appears to believe that the AIGLX approach is a better long-term solution but there is no denying that the combination of Xgl and compiz produce better results at present.

Despite reading extensively on both of these projects, I don’t know enough about deep graphics issues to really make a good decision as to which is better. I’ll leave that to the X people. For now, I’m just really happy to see these features coming to my Linux desktop soon!

Check out this video from Novell to see just how cool this stuff is.

Xgl demo (58MB, XVid).

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