The Biotron at UWO

There is a major construction project going on at UWO right now called the Biotron. For details of this really interesting project take a look at the main Biotron website or this article from

A new biology super-lab under construction in London, Ont., will make Canada a testing ground for the latest ideas in disease, ecosystems and agriculture from all over the world.

They will be able to create the frigid darkness of Arctic winter, or the steamy heat of a tropical rainforest. They’ll be able to see what happens to a genetically modified crop under realistic conditions, without letting it escape into the environment.

“This is the first time anything like that has ever been built. So we’re absolutely unique,” says Duncan Hunter, associate dean of science at Western.

“There is no other facility like this in the world.”

“Everybody likes to describe their project, their facility, as being unique and world class. This one truly will be when it’s up and running.”

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