Kennel opening

Good friends of mine, Darryl and Kate, are in the final stages of opening a dog and cat kennel just out side of London, Ontario. Below are a few pictures that I took at the grand opening yesterday.

Countryside kennel: Dog and Cat Resort

Article in the London Free Press on the kennel

Kennel opening 1

Kennel opening 2






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  1. Michelle Avatar


    I am considering opening a boarding kennel on my acreage in Rural Saskatchewan. The closest boarding kennel to where I live is about an hour away. My family and I love animals, would love to spend all day with our own & work from home. We have a large dog and 6 cats. I am sending this email to you because I am interested in learning from boarding Kennel operators in Canada, any tips/challenges you may be willing to share in regard to getting started, and opening a successful boarding kennel business.
    Any information you can provide for me is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you ,
    Michelle McKenzie

  2. Dan Siemon Avatar

    Hello Michelle,

    I don’t know much about kennels. You can try asking my friend at the address linked above.

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