Silencing scientists at Environment Canada

The current Federal government has decided that federally funded scientists at Environment Canada should not be allowed to speak with reporters directly. In the past reporters could freely contact Environment Canada scientists with science questions. Now all questions must now go through an information officer. The leaked reasons for this change are particularly worrisome. I fail to see how the fact that “interviews sometimes result in surprises to minister and senior management” outweighs the public’s access to the scientists it funds.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the open and accountable government?

Environment Canada ‘muzzles’ scientists’ dealings with media

Or listen to the first few minutes of this week’s Sunday edition for a bit of commentary.

One thought on “Silencing scientists at Environment Canada

  1. Andrew Delong

    Same science firewall the U.S. government uses (that creationist NASA appointee vs the big bang, watering down reports on global warming, etc).


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