Linux 4.8 and Skylake (Dell XPS 9550)

I’ve had a Dell XPS 9550 since around February. It’s a fantastic laptop but there definitely have been teething pains with the Skylake processor and Linux, specifically related to power management.

Today I installed Linux kernel 4.8-rc5 and got a nice surprise vs 4.7.2 which I was running.






That’s quite a bit better than observed with 4.7.2 and far, far better than 4.5.X when I first got the laptop.






2 responses to “Linux 4.8 and Skylake (Dell XPS 9550)”

  1. Thomas Mohr Avatar
    Thomas Mohr

    Could you please be so kind specify your kernel options and oter power management relevant parameters ?

    1. Dan Siemon Avatar

      Fedora 24 with 4.8 kernel from the rawhide, nodebug repository.

      I think I had tuned running at that point using the laptop powersave profile.

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