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  • Ontario Linux Fest

    This past Saturday I spent the day at the Ontario Linux Fest which was held at the Toronto Congress Centre. Despite this being the inaugural year for the event it was very well organized and I think, well attended. The number I heard was approximately 350 attendees. The most enjoyable aspect of the event was […]

  • Canadian copyright

    Anyone who pays attention to the current copyright debate has heard the claims that Canada is a hot bed for movie piracy. For a different perspective take a look at this video from Michael Geist and Daniel Albahary. Putting Canadian “Piracy” in Perspective

  • Ottawa, OLS and the war museum

    Arrived in Ottawa today for OLS. Managed to get in early enough to make it over to the new (2005?) Canadian War Museum. Unfortunately, there was only two hours left before close. Two hours was not nearly long enough to do the museum justice. Even if you have been to the previous war museum you […]

  • Science funding in Canada

    During the latest episode of CBC’s excellent national science program Quirks and Quarks (podcast) there was mention of www.sciencefunding.ca. There are some interesting documents available on that site which discuss how science is funded in Canada. The letter in this document (2005) gives some background. Also, this week’s Quirks and Quarks is the 30th anniversary […]

  • The copyright loby (more of the same)

    Just before the last federal election the world found out how cozy some federal politicians involved in copyright reform were with special interest groups. Despite the change of government, it appears little has changed. Oda and the Copyright Pledge CRIA’s Lobby Effort: The Untold Story Michael Geist deserves a lot of credit for not letting […]

  • Dispatches

    CBC has recently made some of its excellent radio programming available as podcasts. You can see the list of podcasts here. Of particular note is Dispatches. This program offers short radio documentaries from reporters all over the world. The perspectives offered in these documentaries form a sharp contrast with the simplistic reporting that usually constitutes […]

  • Feds Face Digital Crossroads

    Feds Face Digital Crossroads by Charlie Angus, NDP Heritage Critic. Wow, a federal politician that understands the problems in copyright reform. Bonus link: Rocking in free world

  • Canada in the World by Michael Ignatieff

    Michael Ignatieff, a Canadian MP and Liberal leadership hopeful, gave a speech at Ottawa University on March 30, 2006 called Canada in the World. I found the text version of the speech surprisingly engaging. For more background on Ignatieff see the Wikipedia article about him. Both he and his family have quite an interesting history.