Torvalds interview

Q&A: Torvalds on Linux, Microsoft, software’s future CW: Lots of researchers made millions with new computer technologies, but you preferred to keep developing Linux. Don’t you feel you missed the chance of a lifetime by not creating a proprietary Linux? Torvalds: No, really. First off, I’m actually perfectly well off. I live in a good-sized […]

Linus on distributed version control and Git

Recently Linus Torvalds did a presentation at Google about distributed version control. This is a great introduction to distributed version control if you have wondered what the big deal is. Unsurprisingly, the presentation also spends a considerable amount time talking about Git and picking on CVS and Subversion.

RedHat summit videos

Red Hat has posted videos of the keynotes from the Red Hat summit in Nashville. So far, I have only watched two of the three videos. Both were excellent. Eben Moglen: Discusses the philosophical and political ideas behind free software. He argues that free software is about allowing individual creativity. If you don’t ‘get’ free […]