Linux QoS API

My wrapper library for the Linux QoS system is coming along nicely. Here are the function calls necessary to add a filter that matches the destination field in the IP header. filt = classifier_u32_new(); classifier_u32_set_class(filt, class); classifier_u32_set_priority(filt, 5); classifier_u32_set_protocol(filt, IP); classifier_u32_set_interface(filt, 3); classifier_u32_add_match_ip_dst(filt, “x.x.x.x”); if (!qos_classifier_u32_add(con, filt)) { g_print(“Adding filter failed.n”); } I am now […]

Fedora Core 2

I have had Fedora Core 2 installed on my three computers for a couple of weeks now. Traditionally I have used a stock install for my gateway and laptop but have customized the desktop components of my main work station. Typically this meant building the latest GNOME from source via Garnome. Fedora Core 2 is […]