Stuff I’m Interested In

  • The Compositional Architecture of the Internet

    The article linked below outlines ideas similar to one of my favorite networking books Patterns in Network Architecture. The Compositional Architecture of the Internet


  • A Couple Good Performance Talks

  • Rust Container Cheat Sheet

  • On the Metal: Jonathan Blow

    I’ve listened to a bunch of On the Metal podcast episodes now. Most are quite good. If you are looking for a good one to start with try the one with Jonathan Blow.

  • AF_XDP Talks

  • Bad Thinkers

  • Canadian Federal Election 2019 – My Vote

    Warning, Canadian politics ahead. I generally try to avoid politics here but hopefully one or two posts per election isn’t too annoying. I’ve voted Conservative as many times as Liberal and I try not to be partisan. This time I will vote Liberal – perhaps with a bit less enthusiasm than last time. There are […]

  • Cyclone

    Interesting programming language history:

  • Addressing Discussion The article is about MPTCP but there is some good discussion of the IP identifier problem in there. Rekhter’s law (“Addressing can follow topology or topology can follow addressing. Choose one.”) Also, looks like I need to read up on CurveCP / MinimalT and look at