Linux QoS Library (LQL) Released

It has finally happened. I have gotten a release of the Linux QoS Library (LQL) out the door.

Releasing software is actually a bit of nerve racking process. The worst part is not creating the announcement emails or filling out Freshmeat‘s forms, the worst part is worrying about what has been forgotten.

  • Missing files in the distribution? Hopefully, make distcheck covers that.
  • Bad or broken API documentation, ie spelling errors.
  • Not enough testing – What if it doesn’t work on other systems?
  • Design flaws – It is Free Software after all. Everyone can see your mistakes.

A big part of me would have liked to spend an indefinite amount of time to get a ‘perfect’ release, something I was really 100% happy with. However, that is against the release early, release often strategy that Free Software uses to such great effect. Besides, I would probably never be 100% happy with the code base anyway. Perhaps the single most important reason for this release is to let others know that the project exists.

The Linux QoS Library (LQL) provides a GPL licensed, GObject based C API to manipulate the network queueing disciplines, classes and classifiers in the Linux kernel. LQL does not use the TC command as a back-end. Instead, LQL communicates with the Linux kernel via Netlink sockets the same way TC does.

0.5.0 — 2004-08-30

  • Initial public release.
  • I wanted to get 100% API doc coverage and a lot more testing done before I made a public release but I decided to go with the release early, release often strategy.
  • 86% API documentation coverage. A lot of the undocumented API is for the U32 classifier implementation which I am not that fond of. I think this API will change quite a bit.
  • What LQL really needs is much more testing in larger applications.
  • I make absolutely no promises that any of the API will be stable. I expect the API to change as larger programs are built with it and new limitations (and bugs) are found.

Please see for more information.


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