LQL 0.7.0 released

Another new version of LQL is available.

0.7.0 changes:

  • Add some new test programs to the tests directory.
  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs that were found with the new test programs.
  • Change the return type of a few _new() functions from GObject to the proper object type.
  • Update docs to match new API.
  • Add some background comments to the documentation.
  • Add support for the DSMark QDisc and corresponding documentation.
  • Add –with-kernel-source=PATH option to configure so alternate kernel include directories can be specified.
  • Add support for the Netem QDisc (everything but distribution tables). This means you now need the headers from a kernel with Netem support in order to compile LQL.
  • Add support for the TCIndex classifier.
  • Put some more time into the classifiers. Still not complete.