Chicago (U-505)

About a month ago Karen and I spent the weekend in Chicago. If you haven’t been to Chicago I would recommend it. We had a great time.

One of the highlights and quite possibly the coolest museum exhibit I’ve seen was U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry. This was worth the trip by itself. I have a bunch more pictures here.


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  1. cobolhacker

    A couple of years back I did Patriots Point in South Carolina. Very cool. In addition to having a whole WWII aircraft carrier to run around in (the USS Yorktown CV-10), you can also take a trip through the USS Laffey DD-724 “the ship that would not die” and the USS Clamagore SS-343, an American WWII attack sub which is quite intact, having seen no real action. The Laffey, on the other hand, saw a lot of action. During the opening phases of the Okinawa invasion, The Japanese kicked the living crap out of it with bombs and kamikaze strikes but they just couldn’t sink it.


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