Search Engine on CBC

This probably isn’t news to many people by now but CBC’s Search Engine will not be returning in the fall. What a loss. To me Search Engine is a great example of what a radio show and Podcast can be. The show had strong audience participation and felt almost more like a blog post than a traditional radio show. More importantly, Search Engine covered digital issues such as Copyright reform in a way that is greatly needed at this time.

I really hope that CBC will reconsider this cancellation. Public broadcasters need to bring in young people and new listeners. A new and experimental format like Search Engine is a great way to accomplish this. The huge amount of interest in this spring’s Copyright reform bill shows that many Canadians are becoming aware of the topics Search Engine covered. Now is not the time to give up on this show.

Fortunately it looks like Search Engine’s sister show, Spark, is still going to continue.

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