Tag: Latency

  • Another good Codel/Bufferbloat talk

    This time by Dave Taht.

  • Codel at IETF

    Van Jacobson on Codel at IETF 84. Lots of good insight to congestion or the lack thereof on the Internet. http://recordings.conf.meetecho.com/Recordings/watch.jsp?recording=IETF84_TSVAREA&chapter=part_3

  • Buffer Sizing in Internet Routers

    Very interesting results related to buffer sizing in large routers.

  • Making the Linux flow classifier tunnel aware

    Flow Classifier The Linux kernel has many different tools for managing traffic. One of them is the flow classifier which allows the user to configure which fields of the packet headers should be used to create a hash which is then used to identify flows and manage them. For example, if the user selects src,dst,proto,proto-src,proto-dst…

  • Linux flow classifier proto-dst and TOS

    Recently I’ve been playing around with the Linux flow classifier on my gateway. The flow classifier provides the ability to group network flows by configuring which parts of the packet headers (referred to as keys) are used in a hash calculation which chooses the output queue. All of my Internet traffic travels over an IPIP…

  • Network latency experiments

    Recently a series of blog posts by Jim Gettys has started a lot of interesting discussions and research around the Bufferbloat problem. Bufferbloat is the term Gettys’ coined to describe huge packet buffers in network equipment which have been added through ignorance or a misguided attempt to avoid packet loss. These oversized buffers have the…

  • LQL# HTB control

    Now that LQL-Sharp has been released I thought I should put together a quick little demonstration of just how cool it is. I have created a extremely simple GUI control that can modify the rate and ceiling parameters of a HTB class. This control should really subclass Gtk.Widget but it serves its purpose as is.…

  • LQL 0.8.0 and LQL# 0.8.0 released

    That’s right. You can now use LQL from C# or any other language supported by Mono. Linux QoS Library Linux QoS Library Sharp The Mono bindings haven’t had quite as much testing as they need. Ahh well. Release early, release often.

  • LQL#

    Work has begun on the long promised Mono (C#) bindings for LQL. This little C# program will display traffic statistics for all of the queueing disciplines that are supported by the C LQL library. using System; using LQL; class MainClass { public static void Main(string[] args) { Gtk.Application.Init(); LQL.Con con = new LQL.Con(); GLib.List ifList…

  • LQL 0.7.0 released

    Another new version of LQL is available. 0.7.0 changes: Add some new test programs to the tests directory. Fixed a bunch of small bugs that were found with the new test programs. Change the return type of a few _new() functions from GObject to the proper object type. Update docs to match new API. Add…