Linux QoS API

My wrapper library for the Linux QoS system is coming along nicely. Here are the function calls necessary to add a filter that matches the destination field in the IP header. filt = classifier_u32_new(); classifier_u32_set_class(filt, class); classifier_u32_set_priority(filt, 5); classifier_u32_set_protocol(filt, IP); classifier_u32_set_interface(filt, 3); classifier_u32_add_match_ip_dst(filt, “x.x.x.x”); if (!qos_classifier_u32_add(con, filt)) { g_print(“Adding filter failed.n”); } I am now […]

C lesson

Given: struct mystruct myinstance; Which is better? sizeof(struct mystruct) sizeof(myinstance) Normally this doesn’t matter all that much. However, I believe the first is the better way. The reason for this is that if you use the instance variable in the sizeof you can later introduce a nasty bug should you decide that the instance should […]


My Linux QoS work has come to the point where I really need a revision control system. I normally use CVS but decided it was time to setup a Subversion repository. So far subversion is everything I expected, it’s just like CVS. When it comes to reorganizing the repository I’ll find out just how much […]